5 Unbelievable alternatives to animal leather


Bag made from teak leaves by Mleaf



This biodegradable vegetal leather develop by Grado Zero is extracted from mushroom caps and tanned with chemical free methods, is softer than suede, breathable, pliable and water repellant.


Muskin. Image from Ecouterre


Bag made from Muskin. Image from Ecouterre



Dr Carmen Hinojosa is the creator of Piñatex and CEO of Ananas Anam. Piñatex is an alternative to leather material made by pineapple leaf fibres. It is soft, pliable and strong. It is certified as “Vegan Fashion Label” by PETA and received their Innovation Award in 2015.


Rakin boots made from Piñatex by NAE


Espadrilles made from Piñatex by Caretes


Handbag made from Piñatex by Vegemoda



I have already talked about cork in this post. But I did`nt want to leave it out of this list. You can see some examples made from Pelcor, a big portuguese company that made everything from cork, since accesories, shoes, etc.


Cork bag by Pelcor


Cork dog collar by Pelcor


Cork Apron by Pelcor



Opificiov is a vegan shoe brand made in Italy that is making shoes using non food cereals. This is something innovative. It has the Vegan Approved from PETA.


Vegan leather sandals by Opificiov


Vegan leather clutch by Opificiov


Vegan leather heels by Opificiov



Since 2004 Mleaf, a thai company, has been creating accesories made from Tong Tung Teak leaves and selling around the world their products. It is an eco friendly material with a unique and colorful result.


Teak leaves bag by Mleaf


Teak Leaves bag by Mleaf


Teak leaves bag by Mleaf


What do you think about these options? Do you know another alternatives? Please leave a comment.

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So cute! Handmade baby clothes

LAURITA’S PLACE (Handmade in Spain)

This shop is running by two sisters, Laura and Patricia, from Gijón. They make smart dresses with beautiful high quality fabrics made in Spain. They are amazing, I already bought the one of the first picture for my niece!

MAEBELLE & BO (Handmade in England)

Rachael makes “fun fun fun clothing for babies and toddlers!” from Sheffield, using organic cotton. I love the sets with leggins, hat and scratch mit.

TOOTS & ME (Handmade in France)

Alexandra is a young english woman living in the South of France. In her shop you can find childrens fancy dress costumes and accessories designed and handmade by her and perfect for parties and make believe games made to a high standard.


LITTLE PRINCESS PROP (Handmade in Romania)

Here you would find classic and vintage baby clothes made by two sisters in Bistrita. Laces, ribbons, pastel colors… if you like this style you are going to love their shop!


Little Princess Prop


Do you like this kind of baby clothes? Wich one would you buy? I appreciate your comments.

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Discovering cork uses: 3 Handmade accesories brands


Bag by Herdentier

The use of cork as a substitute of leather and other materials is booming. Portugal and Spain concentrated its production worldwide. It is a versatile, durable, soft, breathable and waterproof material. Designers are making it colourfull with dyes and prints that give a unique style when creating accesories. In addition, this can be consider a material for sustainable consumption, is a part of a tree that can be extracted without causing damage to it and grows again over the years.

I would like to show you some examples of handmade small companies that prove the variety of applications that can be given in bags and accesories.

CORKOR (Handmade in Portugal)

A small Portuguese company running by Natalia and Vitor Lopes Guerreiro, located in Palmela, near Coruche, one of the largest cork producing areas worldwide. They refer to cork as a natural wonder. They handle the entire process of production of most of its products from design to craft creation. One of their goal is to create local employment, an example is their larger bags, handmade by a family in the area.


Clutch by Corkor


Messenger bag by Corkor


Wallet by Corkor


Bag by Corkor

You can watch in their Youtube channel how they make the accesories and some information about cork.


SEW DA KINE (Handmade in Hawaii)

Vegan brand with sustainable products, using cork, and handmade in a small studio in Hilo (Hawaii). Inspired by the relaxed lifestyle of the island but also suitable for an urban style, colourful and singular.


Hapai Tote by Sew Da Kine


Cork Niu Handbag by Sew Da Kine


Wahi Eke by Sew Da Kine

Here you have the video presentation for Kickstarter in wich they talk about the philosophy behind this project.


HERDENTIER (Handmade in Germany)

They are specialized in vegan handbags and backpacks, handmade in Hannover, using cork in many of them and mixed with hand painted faux leather or silver and golden colours with a futuristic appearance. I would recommend you to have a look to their Instagram pictures.


Yellow rucksack by Herdentier



Clutch by Herdentier


Golden rucksack by Herdentier


Silver rucksack by Herdentier


Have you purchased accessories made of cork ever? Would you like to?


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If you are a cat lover you have to see this

A selection of handmade items with kittens as protagonists. To know more click on the links behind the pictures so you will be redirected to the online shops that are selling them.



4 Vegan rucksacks handmade and inspired by Nature

1. Leafling Bags (Handmade in Hungary)

If you enjoy nature and casual looks you will love this rucksack! Colourful and original, handmade in a small workshop in Budapest by Gabriella and Adam with a waterproof material called Cordura. It is perfect for your adventures! You can find other colours and shapes in their Etsy shop.

2. Konvaliya (Handmade in Ukraine)


Do you need a rucksack for your active lifestyle? Tetyana Bilonozhko, the creative responsible of Konvaliya, has this always in mind for her colourful designs.

3. Cocodrilo Bazar (Handmade in Chile)

In 2014 this was the first Latin American design brand to obtain the P.E.T.A. (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) international VEGAN seal. María Soledad and Elsa has been working for years designing and creating quality  and cruelty free accessories.

3. Zigze (Handmade in Ecuador)

María Paz, Juan Carlos and their daughter Daniela make beautiful rucksacks and accessories with unique floral patterns from Quito.


Did you know these brands? I love all of them … Could you choose just one?

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At the center


Bristol Biennial 2016. Our colour, Liz West.


Do you want to improve the world?
I don’t think it can be done.

The world is sacred.
It can’t be improved.
If you tamper with it, you’ll ruin it.
If you treat it like an object, you’ll lose it.

There is a time for being ahead,
a time for being behind;
a time for being in motion,
a time for being at rest;
a time for being vigorous,
a time for being exhausted;
a time for being safe,
a time for being in danger.

The Master sees things as they are,
without trying to control them.
She lets them go their own way,
and resides at the center of the circle.

Tao Te King, Lao Tse

3 Vegan Shoe brands that will surprise you


Spring Tortora model by Cammina Leggero

Vegan or animal friendly fashion is growing. There are many shoe brands that have the vegan option but only a few exclusively vegan brands at the present. In this post you will find some of them that sell in various countries. This is XXI century, we don´t need to keep wearing leather, let´s discover other options together. Would you like to join me?

1. SLOWERS (Made in Spain)


Nube Desierto model by Slowers

Slowers is a shoe brand “Organic, vegan & bonito” for women, men and children. Made in Spain and inspired by the slow way of life. Simple design and atemporal, using materials like linen, organic cotton, cork or jute. They had a succesful campain fund in Kickstarter and you can find them in shops in Germany, Sweden and Canada, also in Spain.


Print Piña model for children by Slowers


Brown espadrilles for men by Slowers

2. NAE (Made in Portugal)


Cork Rose Pump model by NAE

I really like NAE introduction, where they explain that work with alternative materials y answering to people that is asking why to buy vegan they ask ¨Why not?¨. They are “fashion with compassion”. You can find casual shoes, sportive, hails… shoes for women, men and children.

The model KOS is made by recycled pet and tyre, ecofriendly and original.


KOS model by NAE


Re-bottle model for men by NAE

3. Cammina leggero (Made in Italy)


Sneaker Yellow Mustard model for men by Cammina Leggero

“Animal free shoes” handmade in North Italy with urban and casual style. They use recycled materials like tyre and are very aware about ecological footprint. They also have accessories like bags or belts.


Mary Wave Brown model by Cammina Leggero

What do you think about these options? Are you interested in eco and animal friendly fashion?

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Kawaii ceramic that will make you smile



Shinobu Araki (Handmade in Japan)

This artist from Sapporo use the technique called yashikine or stoneware, wich is a genre of ceramic art that enhances the appeal of the clay texture by not using glaze. In this way he makes characters as small animals, japanese women wearing kimono, little budas… all of them so kawaii!

In the next video you can enjoy his beautiful work.


Noe Marin (Handmade in Spain)


This young artisan makes her work in Valencia but learned the profession from her grandparents from the south. She defined her ceramics like something made for happy homes. She has so lovely creations like these.



Little me project (Handmade in Russia)


Vera, Alexander and Pusha the cat have this beautiful project based in Gorkey, where they create accesories using ceramic and watercolours representing very cute characters.



Do you know any other example of kawaii handicraft? Please, leave us a comment.

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