ARTelEGO colorful vegan handmade bags from Croatia


Vegan Bag N Fadeish by ARTelEGO

I was trying to find something to talk in a new post when I found this new brand that I didnt see before and I really like it so much that I decided to post about it exclusively today. I wasnt sure if I should talk about handmade or vegan product but ARTelEGO is both so is perfect!


Vegan bag Unique by ARTelEGO

ARTEelEGO is a young handbag design brand from Croatia. Their bags are made of high quality vegan leather, polished metal and fabric. Handmade so also unique and very well finished.


Vegan bag Bumblebee by ARTelEGO

The person running this project is Sanja Hrgović, a young creative woman with an Art and Fashion Degree and pasionate about bags.


Vegan bag Azzuro by ARTelEGO

I really want this clutch!


Vegan bag SixS by ARTelEGO

They have unique designs like this, six colors and three ways to carry your bag.


Vegan bag Autumn by ARTelEGO

The colour mix is amazing.


You will like their Instagram


Do you like them? Do you know any other brand like this? Your comments are welcome!

If you like beautiful things, you like sharing 😀

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