NUMON, upcycling you can create something beautiful


Picture from NUMON Facebook

Some of you have spoken to me on the social media about this brand, and it was time for NUMON to have its blog post.

Ramón & Núria in NUMON workshop

Núria is passionate about recycling and vintage style, she studied Fashion Design and when she finished she had a dream: to create “Bags with history”. In 2009 she met his partner Ramon, who made wallets with recycled comics as a hobby, which today still sell through their website. Together they launched NUMON, although at present only Núria is behind this interesting project, a brand of recycled and vegan accessories, handmade in her small workshop in Reus.

Flight bag by NUMON

They use disused household clothes: tablecloths, sheets … vintage fabrics that recycle and give a touch of originality to their accesories where we can find from bags, gym bags or rucksacks, to cushions.


Bag backpack by NUMON

Their backpacks-bag are very convenient.


Collage bag by NUMON

Their handbags feature adjustable high quality imitation leather strap (suitable for vegans). They are produced in Italy and have the Ecolabel certificate. Durable and washable.


Gym bag by NUMON

Since they are recycled, their production is very diverse and with limited units.


Cushion by NUMON

They have accessories such as briefcases, cushions, purses and dressing cases.


Picture from NUMON Instagram

I would like to have one of their rucksacks soon, but it will be difficult for me to decide with this beautiful variety of fabrics.

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Ahinsa: vegan barefoot shoes, made in Czech Republic


Ballerina Sundara by Ahinsa Shoes

Ahinsa is making  vegan, barefoot and ethical handmade shoes in Czech Republic.


Casual Sundara by Ahinsa Shoes

Their are certified as Fur Free Retailer. They use some sustainable materials like recycled tire for soles or recycled jean fabric for upper. Also, 20,-CZK from each pair of shoes sold is donated to Nadace Partnerství for planting and protecting trees.


Flower Sundara by Ahinsa Shoes

Barefoot shoes are trendy. The shoes are designed to reduce the amount they limit the natural function of the foot, allowing you to walk as if you were barefoot. Features:

  • enough space for the toes (wide front of the shoe) – your toes are able to sufficiently grip and rebound, the foot arch is naturally stimulated
  • zero heel – the feet (and whole body) are in a natural and balanced position, the joints are centered (optimally loaded)
  • thin and flexible sole – the feet can “read the terrain”, the brain is receiving essential information necessary to maintain balance, the feet can adequately respond to changes in terrain, the rebound allows for optimal power transfer on the floor
  • minimal shoe weight – less weight on your feet for a more natural gait, feels like walking barefoot
  • shoes do not deform the feet and can reduce injuries – encourages natural foot movement, increases strength in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the foot and lower leg that can help reduce the chance of injuries



Black anckle Sundara by Ahinsa Shoes

In their website you can see step by step the complex production process of this shoes. Since they are handmade they are a bit overprice if you compare with other brands that I have been talking but you have to pay for ethical handmade work.


Ballerina Swarovski by Ahinsa Shoes

These ballerinas with Swarovski cystals are a new model.  They are pretty cool, don’t you think so?

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Flamingo’s Life: vegan sneakers Made in Spain

In my first post of the year I want to share a new vegan shoes brand that I just discovered: Flamingo’s Life.  They started in 2015 making sandals with recycled materials and are based in La Rioja.


Oslo Burgundy Caramel by Flamingo’s Life

They make unisex sneakers inspired by surf, skate and nature, with a natural rubber sole. They are Vegan Approved by PETA.


Oslo All White by Flamingo’s Life

Their colors are white, brugundy, green, black, grey or blue, and they came with two different pairs of laces that you can combine as you like.


Alberta Black Caramel by Flamingo’s Life

This month they have realeased a solidary campaign, when you buy an Alberta model they give another pair to Fundación Amigo NGO for socially excluded people.

If you don’t want to lose any of their special offers or limited edition you can follow them in the social media.

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