Cocoono bags: minimalist vegan bags

This is Cocoono bags, a vegan bags brand created by Honorata and Michal in Poland that has the Vegan Approved label of PETA. In general they are practical, I am very impressed by their large cloth bags, ideal for good weather and summer trips. They define their style as simple, based on nature, following the minimalist trend.


Nodo bag by Cocoono


Pacco bag by Cocoono


Boogi bag by Cocoono

bolso_vegano_ cocoono_guachiland

Lazy bag by Cocoono


Shopper bag by Cocoono

You can visit their online store by clicking here, or if you prefer their Etsy store. If you like their designs you should follow them on: Cocoono’s Facebook, Cocoono’s Instagram where they usually post special deals.

Did you know this brand? If you bought a vegan bag this season, please tell us!

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