4 Vegan rucksacks handmade and inspired by Nature

1. Leafling Bags (Handmade in Hungary)

If you enjoy nature and casual looks you will love this rucksack! Colourful and original, handmade in a small workshop in Budapest by Gabriella and Adam with a waterproof material called Cordura. It is perfect for your adventures! You can find other colours and shapes in their Etsy shop.

2. Konvaliya (Handmade in Ukraine)


Do you need a rucksack for your active lifestyle? Tetyana Bilonozhko, the creative responsible of Konvaliya, has this always in mind for her colourful designs.

3. Cocodrilo Bazar (Handmade in Chile)

In 2014 this was the first Latin American design brand to obtain the P.E.T.A. (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) international VEGAN seal. María Soledad and Elsa has been working for years designing and creating quality  and cruelty free accessories.

3. Zigze (Handmade in Ecuador)

María Paz, Juan Carlos and their daughter Daniela make beautiful rucksacks and accessories with unique floral patterns from Quito.


Did you know these brands? I love all of them … Could you choose just one?

If you like beautiful things, you like sharing 😀