If you are a cat lover you have to see this

A selection of handmade items with kittens as protagonists. To know more click on the links behind the pictures so you will be redirected to the online shops that are selling them.




Kawaii ceramic that will make you smile



Shinobu Araki (Handmade in Japan)

This artist from Sapporo use the technique called yashikine or stoneware, wich is a genre of ceramic art that enhances the appeal of the clay texture by not using glaze. In this way he makes characters as small animals, japanese women wearing kimono, little budas… all of them so kawaii!

In the next video you can enjoy his beautiful work.


Noe Marin (Handmade in Spain)


This young artisan makes her work in Valencia but learned the profession from her grandparents from the south. She defined her ceramics like something made for happy homes. She has so lovely creations like these.



Little me project (Handmade in Russia)


Vera, Alexander and Pusha the cat have this beautiful project based in Gorkey, where they create accesories using ceramic and watercolours representing very cute characters.



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