Cruelty free Summer


Summer is here! If you are lucky this is your time for a little break. I want to help you with the list of things you need to take for your perfect holidays, all suitable for vegans. Hope this can help you!

As always, if you are interested in any product click on the link of the brand to go to their website.


Backpack made with recycled tire rubber, handmade in Nottingham (England) by Paguro.


Small bag made by Susie Faulks in Stroud (England).


Beach bag handmade by Create and Case in London (England).


Sun protection 30 FPS of pomegranate and Goji berries by Eco Cosmetics (Made in Germany), you can buy them through the website Idun Nature.


Shampoo for dry or sun damaged hair made with aloe vera and cocoa butter by Potions (Made in Barcelona, ​​Spain).


Sandstone soap with citrus scent and exfoliating, ideal for summer, by Lush.


Nail paint free from DBP, Toluene, Camphor, Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde Resin by Spa Rituals (Made in Los Angeles, USA).


Bamboo sandals for men and women by Vesica Piscis (Made in Elche, Spain).

What would you add to this list of essentials? Do you recommend another brands?

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5 Vegan colourful rucksacks



Rucksack by Sugulovas (Handmade in Lithuania)

I love wearing a rucksack, it is so practical and also can be so cool and colourful than these that I bring you today. All of them are vegan and handmade, if you want to know more about the brands follow the links below the pictures, they worth it.


Rucksack by Konvaliya (Handmade in Ukraine)



Rucksack by Velibardo (Handmade in Bulgaria)



Rucksack by Freerangers (Handmade in England)



Rucksack by Cycochik (Handmade in United States)



Rucksack by Cycochik (Handmade in Unites States)

Will you wear the rucksack with the panther print? or Is your style more minimal like the first one?

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Finding vegan and handmade gifts in Bristol


Made in Bristol Gift Fest

Some days ago I walked to Bristol city centre looking for some Christmas gifts. I went to the Made in Bristol Gift Fest, I found some interesting things like natural cosmetic or prints but nothing to buy for my people.


Bristol street art

During the weekends The Harbourside Market is a nice place to go for a walk, you can find there second hand books, handmade stuff, street food… and lots of people having a good time.


The Harbourside Market

In this market I found some good presents. This stall with bike tyre belts is always there. I like them because they are sustainable, vegan, durable and handmade.


Handmade recycled bike tyre belts

I bought this for a special gift.


Handmade recycled bike tyre belt gift

I found a great handmade and natural cosmetics brand, Wild Sage & Co, the girl in the stall was lovely, she is the daughter of the woman behind this. You can have a look to their products in the web.


Most of their products are vegan but some balms with bee wax. After try some of them in the stall I decided to get two of Frankincense+Shea Balm, one for me and one for my sister. It smelled so good, pure nature. I love using it on my face before go to bed, next morning your skin is soft and ready to star a new day.


I bought this perfect gift, a natural soaps set wich smell is amazing too.


Natural soaps set by Wild Sage & Co

Did you already get all your Christmas gifts? I am on it!

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Handmade Teepees, a great gift for children


Fun with Mum (Handmade in Poland)

When I was a child as same as you I loved to make my own place where play and keep my most values toys, that is why I think a teepee can be a lovely gift for a kid and something beautiful to improve your home decoration.


Contempohome (Handmade in England)


Babilleset Babioles (Handmade in Canada)


Teepeetoshka (Handmade in Ukraine)


Babilleset Babioles (Handmade in Canada)


Sugar Shacks Teepees (Handmade in United States)


Mud Putty (Handmade in England)


Wildthings Dresses (Handmade in England)


Sugar Shacks Teepees (Handmade in United States)



Cozydots (Handmade in Poland)


The Craft Shop UK (Handmade in England)


Casa Papa (Handmade in England)


EE Teepee (Handmade in United States)


Katukatu (Handmade in Lithuania)

I really like teepees with nature decoration like Casa Papa`s and the one with the space from Mud Putty is pretty cool. Which one do you think is the coolest?

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10 vegan cosmetics that you need to know


Beautiful beetroot cheek & lip tint by Ere Perez (Made in Mexico)

Surfing the Internet sometimes you can found treasures like this, everyday I find new and interesting vegan products, these I want to try all of them. Especially the natural tint by Ere Perez with rosehip extracts and organic pigments that can quickly creates flushed looking. The orange blosson face toner by Ville de Fleurs is something that I need to have, that fragance always make my feel that I am in Seville, my native city, in spring.

Have a look, maybe you find the perfect gift for you or for that special person that you want to make happy.


Mosquit-oh! repellent by Potions (Made in Spain)



Sweet watermelon sugar scrub by Potions (Made in Spain)



Orange blossom spritzing hydrator by Ville de Fleurs (Handmade in England)


Circulatory romero balm by Bella Natura (Handmade in Spain)


Orange brownie facial smoothie by Salvaje (Handmade in Spain)


Natural dental whitener by Salvaje (Handmade in Spain)


Apple crumble vegan perfume by Fairypants (Handmade in England)


Marshmallow vegan lip scrub by Fairypants (Handmade in England)


Mojito vegan lip balm by Fairypants (Handmade in England)

Wich one do you like the most? Did you know any of these brands?

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10 Vegan handmade bags for this Autumn


Susie Faulks (Handmade in England)

Surfing the Internet I had found these bags perfect for the season, vegan and handcrafted. The first and the second are made by Susie Faulks, a rural artist who design her own fabric patterns that uses to create bags and accesories, all of them with beautiful colours.



Susie Faulks (Handmade in England)

Next is made by the spanish brand Xianna, is a sustainable and useful cork bag.


Xianna (Handmade in Spain)

I really like Ecodream designs, an italian brand that use recycled materials, not all of their bags are vegan but many of them like these.


Ecodream (Handmade in Italy)


Ecodream (Handmade in Italy)


Ecodream (Handmade in Italy)

I have already talked to you about Cammina Leggero before, I love this yellow bag, is the same colour that you can find in the leaves these days.


Cammina Leggero (Handmade in Italy)

If you enjoy getting products made by recycled material, Atlantic Blue Jersey is something that I want to show you. They make their bags from old seatbelts and this is the result.


Atlantic Blue Jersey (Handmade in England)

Freeranger Vegan Foot makes this classic satchel bag in a powerful dark green.


Freerangers Vegan Foot (Handmade in England)

The last one is a brown bag perfect for everyday, made by Pipi Hepburn.


Pipi Hepburn (Handmade In United States)

Feel free to write a comment about your favourite or any suggestion.

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10 Handmade vegan products perfect for this Autumn


Mug by SacredMud (Handmade in England)


Autumn is here, you can feel the difference in the colours, in the sky… Your are in the mood of a warm cup of tea and blanquet in the sofa. In this post you will find some of these special things that we enjoy at this time of the year, all of them handmade and vegan friendly.


Vegan necklace by Ashley Ann Bennett (Handmade in United States)


Vegan yarn blanquet by Crickets Home (Handmade in United States)


Traveler pen pouches by Okaery Diary (Handmade in Japan)


Pumpkin spice vegan soap by Sv Soaps (Handmade in United States)


Burgundy bag by ARTelEGO (Handmade in Croatia)


Bamboo baby socks by Buti (Handmade in England)


Autumn spice blush by Eldridge Organics (Handmade in United States)


Cinnamon and vanilla soy candle by Ivy & Rue (Handmade in United States)


Fairy peacock fingerless vegan gloves by Elfin House (Handmade in Bulgaria)

What is your special thing in Autumn? I would like to read in comments.

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22 Handmade lamps that would lightened your home



Handmade in Spain by Iliui Nobili Guida

Today I bring you different styles of handcrafted lamps to make your home cosy. I hope you enjoy.


Handmade in Spain by Iliui Nobili Guida


Handmade in Italy by W-Lamp


Handmade in England by Amber lights designs


Handmade in Ucraine by Woodslamp


Handmade in United States by Joyce pottery


Handmade in England by Hannahnunn


Handmade in Poland by Profizorka


Handmade in Poland by Amber Glass Art


Handmade in Spain by Artenpapel


Handmade in Argentina by At last! Crafts


Handmade in Spain by La luz del bosque


Handmade in Spain by La luz del bosque


Handmade in Poland by Hypnotic Gallery


Handmade in Poland by zyrRafo


Handmade in Spain by CreaReDesign


Handmade in England by PotsofHareandBears


Handmade in Switzerland by Pistacho Handmade


Handmade in England by Lathriskwoodcraft


Handmade in Spain by Un taller en Urano


Handmade in France by Le Cabane Allumée


Handmade in England by FabFunkyPillows

Wich one do you think is more unique? I would chose the first one, because of the color and material, is made from a recycled coffee can wich contributes to sustainable consumption.

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Vegan boots for this Autumn

Autumn is already here, say welcome with this selection of vegan boots for different styles.

Green Shoes is an english company that makes handmade shoes from Devon. Their shoes are made to be worn for many years, truly sustainable long lasting fashion. They have a shoe resole and repair service, an economical and ecofriendly way to use your shoes for longer. They have vegan option for most of their models. These are the boots that I like more but they have so many!



Women Dartmoor boots by Green Shoes


Women Iris Boots by Green Shoes


Women Belston boots by Green Shoes


Men Walking boots by Green Shoes


Men Belstone boots by Green Shoes


Men Dartmoor boots by Green Shoes


El Naturalista is a spanish brand with a small part of its production made for vegan, in wich they use a material called Delta and rubber soles, reycled most of times, their shapes are thinked to be comfortable. Their factories are in Spain and Morocco.


Men/Women El Viajero vegan boots by El Naturalista


Women Yggdrasil vegan boots by El Naturalista


Women Nido vegan boots by El Naturalista


If you are looking for something smart but still vegan Wills London may be a good option to explore. This english brand is making the production in Portugal and has been Vegan Approved by PETA. I really like the last one!


Men Fold Over Work vegan boots by Wills London


Men Walking vegan boots by Wills London


Men Sport Desert vegan boots by Wills London


Women Aviator 2S vegan boots by Wills London



Women Anckle Dock vegan boots by Wills London


Women Heeled Buckle vegan boots by Wills London


Are you looking for new boots? Wich one is your favourite?

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So cute! Handmade baby clothes

LAURITA’S PLACE (Handmade in Spain)

This shop is running by two sisters, Laura and Patricia, from Gijón. They make smart dresses with beautiful high quality fabrics made in Spain. They are amazing, I already bought the one of the first picture for my niece!

MAEBELLE & BO (Handmade in England)

Rachael makes “fun fun fun clothing for babies and toddlers!” from Sheffield, using organic cotton. I love the sets with leggins, hat and scratch mit.

TOOTS & ME (Handmade in France)

Alexandra is a young english woman living in the South of France. In her shop you can find childrens fancy dress costumes and accessories designed and handmade by her and perfect for parties and make believe games made to a high standard.


LITTLE PRINCESS PROP (Handmade in Romania)

Here you would find classic and vintage baby clothes made by two sisters in Bistrita. Laces, ribbons, pastel colors… if you like this style you are going to love their shop!


Little Princess Prop


Do you like this kind of baby clothes? Wich one would you buy? I appreciate your comments.

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