Nice Coffee Sac: vegan bags with coffee aroma

Holly King created this brand in 2013 by chance, she found in her cellar a couple of coffee sacs and tryied to make something with them, she was so succesful than she couldn`t stop since then. Nice Coffee Sac is handmade vegan bags in France, made from recycled materials, mostly from old coffee sacs with very interesting designs.


I really like those wich you can see the previous coffee brand now like a pretty cool bag design. Do you like too? Do you know any other vegan accesorize brand that use recycled materials?

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22 Handmade lamps that would lightened your home



Handmade in Spain by Iliui Nobili Guida

Today I bring you different styles of handcrafted lamps to make your home cosy. I hope you enjoy.


Handmade in Spain by Iliui Nobili Guida


Handmade in Italy by W-Lamp


Handmade in England by Amber lights designs


Handmade in Ucraine by Woodslamp


Handmade in United States by Joyce pottery


Handmade in England by Hannahnunn


Handmade in Poland by Profizorka


Handmade in Poland by Amber Glass Art


Handmade in Spain by Artenpapel


Handmade in Argentina by At last! Crafts


Handmade in Spain by La luz del bosque


Handmade in Spain by La luz del bosque


Handmade in Poland by Hypnotic Gallery


Handmade in Poland by zyrRafo


Handmade in Spain by CreaReDesign


Handmade in England by PotsofHareandBears


Handmade in Switzerland by Pistacho Handmade


Handmade in England by Lathriskwoodcraft


Handmade in Spain by Un taller en Urano


Handmade in France by Le Cabane Allumée


Handmade in England by FabFunkyPillows

Wich one do you think is more unique? I would chose the first one, because of the color and material, is made from a recycled coffee can wich contributes to sustainable consumption.

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So cute! Handmade baby clothes

LAURITA’S PLACE (Handmade in Spain)

This shop is running by two sisters, Laura and Patricia, from Gijón. They make smart dresses with beautiful high quality fabrics made in Spain. They are amazing, I already bought the one of the first picture for my niece!

MAEBELLE & BO (Handmade in England)

Rachael makes “fun fun fun clothing for babies and toddlers!” from Sheffield, using organic cotton. I love the sets with leggins, hat and scratch mit.

TOOTS & ME (Handmade in France)

Alexandra is a young english woman living in the South of France. In her shop you can find childrens fancy dress costumes and accessories designed and handmade by her and perfect for parties and make believe games made to a high standard.


LITTLE PRINCESS PROP (Handmade in Romania)

Here you would find classic and vintage baby clothes made by two sisters in Bistrita. Laces, ribbons, pastel colors… if you like this style you are going to love their shop!


Little Princess Prop


Do you like this kind of baby clothes? Wich one would you buy? I appreciate your comments.

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