Discovering cork uses: 3 Handmade accesories brands


Bag by Herdentier

The use of cork as a substitute of leather and other materials is booming. Portugal and Spain concentrated its production worldwide. It is a versatile, durable, soft, breathable and waterproof material. Designers are making it colourfull with dyes and prints that give a unique style when creating accesories. In addition, this can be consider a material for sustainable consumption, is a part of a tree that can be extracted without causing damage to it and grows again over the years.

I would like to show you some examples of handmade small companies that prove the variety of applications that can be given in bags and accesories.

CORKOR (Handmade in Portugal)

A small Portuguese company running by Natalia and Vitor Lopes Guerreiro, located in Palmela, near Coruche, one of the largest cork producing areas worldwide. They refer to cork as a natural wonder. They handle the entire process of production of most of its products from design to craft creation. One of their goal is to create local employment, an example is their larger bags, handmade by a family in the area.


Clutch by Corkor


Messenger bag by Corkor


Wallet by Corkor


Bag by Corkor

You can watch in their Youtube channel how they make the accesories and some information about cork.


SEW DA KINE (Handmade in Hawaii)

Vegan brand with sustainable products, using cork, and handmade in a small studio in Hilo (Hawaii). Inspired by the relaxed lifestyle of the island but also suitable for an urban style, colourful and singular.


Hapai Tote by Sew Da Kine


Cork Niu Handbag by Sew Da Kine


Wahi Eke by Sew Da Kine

Here you have the video presentation for Kickstarter in wich they talk about the philosophy behind this project.


HERDENTIER (Handmade in Germany)

They are specialized in vegan handbags and backpacks, handmade in Hannover, using cork in many of them and mixed with hand painted faux leather or silver and golden colours with a futuristic appearance. I would recommend you to have a look to their Instagram pictures.


Yellow rucksack by Herdentier



Clutch by Herdentier


Golden rucksack by Herdentier


Silver rucksack by Herdentier


Have you purchased accessories made of cork ever? Would you like to?


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