Cocoono bags: minimalist vegan bags

This is Cocoono bags, a vegan bags brand created by Honorata and Michal in Poland that has the Vegan Approved label of PETA. In general they are practical, I am very impressed by their large cloth bags, ideal for good weather and summer trips. They define their style as simple, based on nature, following the minimalist trend.


Nodo bag by Cocoono


Pacco bag by Cocoono


Boogi bag by Cocoono

bolso_vegano_ cocoono_guachiland

Lazy bag by Cocoono


Shopper bag by Cocoono

You can visit their online store by clicking here, or if you prefer their Etsy store. If you like their designs you should follow them on: Cocoono’s Facebook, Cocoono’s Instagram where they usually post special deals.

Did you know this brand? If you bought a vegan bag this season, please tell us!

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Cruelty free Summer


Summer is here! If you are lucky this is your time for a little break. I want to help you with the list of things you need to take for your perfect holidays, all suitable for vegans. Hope this can help you!

As always, if you are interested in any product click on the link of the brand to go to their website.


Backpack made with recycled tire rubber, handmade in Nottingham (England) by Paguro.


Small bag made by Susie Faulks in Stroud (England).


Beach bag handmade by Create and Case in London (England).


Sun protection 30 FPS of pomegranate and Goji berries by Eco Cosmetics (Made in Germany), you can buy them through the website Idun Nature.


Shampoo for dry or sun damaged hair made with aloe vera and cocoa butter by Potions (Made in Barcelona, ​​Spain).


Sandstone soap with citrus scent and exfoliating, ideal for summer, by Lush.


Nail paint free from DBP, Toluene, Camphor, Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde Resin by Spa Rituals (Made in Los Angeles, USA).


Bamboo sandals for men and women by Vesica Piscis (Made in Elche, Spain).

What would you add to this list of essentials? Do you recommend another brands?

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Good Mood Moon: vegan bags handmade in Ukraine


Jhonny Ten clutch by Good Mood Moon

I love this brand of handmade vegan bags by July and Alex in Ukraine. They are passionate about animals and nature, so 5% of the orders is used to help organizations that care for abandoned animals. The design of their bags and accessories is minimalist but full of color contrasts, perfect for this spring.


Floria bag by Good Mood Moon


Frida bag by Good Mood Moon


Charisma tote bag by Good Mood Moon


CarryMe clutch by Good Mood Moon


Stella bag by Good Mood Moon


Front handle for clutch by Good Mood Moon

I recommend you to visit their shop in Etsy where you will surely find the perfect color combination for you.

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NUMON, upcycling you can create something beautiful


Picture from NUMON Facebook

Some of you have spoken to me on the social media about this brand, and it was time for NUMON to have its blog post.

Ramón & Núria in NUMON workshop

Núria is passionate about recycling and vintage style, she studied Fashion Design and when she finished she had a dream: to create “Bags with history”. In 2009 she met his partner Ramon, who made wallets with recycled comics as a hobby, which today still sell through their website. Together they launched NUMON, although at present only Núria is behind this interesting project, a brand of recycled and vegan accessories, handmade in her small workshop in Reus.

Flight bag by NUMON

They use disused household clothes: tablecloths, sheets … vintage fabrics that recycle and give a touch of originality to their accesories where we can find from bags, gym bags or rucksacks, to cushions.


Bag backpack by NUMON

Their backpacks-bag are very convenient.


Collage bag by NUMON

Their handbags feature adjustable high quality imitation leather strap (suitable for vegans). They are produced in Italy and have the Ecolabel certificate. Durable and washable.


Gym bag by NUMON

Since they are recycled, their production is very diverse and with limited units.


Cushion by NUMON

They have accessories such as briefcases, cushions, purses and dressing cases.


Picture from NUMON Instagram

I would like to have one of their rucksacks soon, but it will be difficult for me to decide with this beautiful variety of fabrics.

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Nice Coffee Sac: vegan bags with coffee aroma

Holly King created this brand in 2013 by chance, she found in her cellar a couple of coffee sacs and tryied to make something with them, she was so succesful than she couldn`t stop since then. Nice Coffee Sac is handmade vegan bags in France, made from recycled materials, mostly from old coffee sacs with very interesting designs.


I really like those wich you can see the previous coffee brand now like a pretty cool bag design. Do you like too? Do you know any other vegan accesorize brand that use recycled materials?

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10 Vegan handmade bags for this Autumn


Susie Faulks (Handmade in England)

Surfing the Internet I had found these bags perfect for the season, vegan and handcrafted. The first and the second are made by Susie Faulks, a rural artist who design her own fabric patterns that uses to create bags and accesories, all of them with beautiful colours.



Susie Faulks (Handmade in England)

Next is made by the spanish brand Xianna, is a sustainable and useful cork bag.


Xianna (Handmade in Spain)

I really like Ecodream designs, an italian brand that use recycled materials, not all of their bags are vegan but many of them like these.


Ecodream (Handmade in Italy)


Ecodream (Handmade in Italy)


Ecodream (Handmade in Italy)

I have already talked to you about Cammina Leggero before, I love this yellow bag, is the same colour that you can find in the leaves these days.


Cammina Leggero (Handmade in Italy)

If you enjoy getting products made by recycled material, Atlantic Blue Jersey is something that I want to show you. They make their bags from old seatbelts and this is the result.


Atlantic Blue Jersey (Handmade in England)

Freeranger Vegan Foot makes this classic satchel bag in a powerful dark green.


Freerangers Vegan Foot (Handmade in England)

The last one is a brown bag perfect for everyday, made by Pipi Hepburn.


Pipi Hepburn (Handmade In United States)

Feel free to write a comment about your favourite or any suggestion.

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10 Handmade vegan products perfect for this Autumn


Mug by SacredMud (Handmade in England)


Autumn is here, you can feel the difference in the colours, in the sky… Your are in the mood of a warm cup of tea and blanquet in the sofa. In this post you will find some of these special things that we enjoy at this time of the year, all of them handmade and vegan friendly.


Vegan necklace by Ashley Ann Bennett (Handmade in United States)


Vegan yarn blanquet by Crickets Home (Handmade in United States)


Traveler pen pouches by Okaery Diary (Handmade in Japan)


Pumpkin spice vegan soap by Sv Soaps (Handmade in United States)


Burgundy bag by ARTelEGO (Handmade in Croatia)


Bamboo baby socks by Buti (Handmade in England)


Autumn spice blush by Eldridge Organics (Handmade in United States)


Cinnamon and vanilla soy candle by Ivy & Rue (Handmade in United States)


Fairy peacock fingerless vegan gloves by Elfin House (Handmade in Bulgaria)

What is your special thing in Autumn? I would like to read in comments.

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ARTelEGO colorful vegan handmade bags from Croatia


Vegan Bag N Fadeish by ARTelEGO

I was trying to find something to talk in a new post when I found this new brand that I didnt see before and I really like it so much that I decided to post about it exclusively today. I wasnt sure if I should talk about handmade or vegan product but ARTelEGO is both so is perfect!


Vegan bag Unique by ARTelEGO

ARTEelEGO is a young handbag design brand from Croatia. Their bags are made of high quality vegan leather, polished metal and fabric. Handmade so also unique and very well finished.


Vegan bag Bumblebee by ARTelEGO

The person running this project is Sanja Hrgović, a young creative woman with an Art and Fashion Degree and pasionate about bags.


Vegan bag Azzuro by ARTelEGO

I really want this clutch!


Vegan bag SixS by ARTelEGO

They have unique designs like this, six colors and three ways to carry your bag.


Vegan bag Autumn by ARTelEGO

The colour mix is amazing.


You will like their Instagram


Do you like them? Do you know any other brand like this? Your comments are welcome!

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5 Unbelievable alternatives to animal leather


Bag made from teak leaves by Mleaf



This biodegradable vegetal leather develop by Grado Zero is extracted from mushroom caps and tanned with chemical free methods, is softer than suede, breathable, pliable and water repellant.


Muskin. Image from Ecouterre


Bag made from Muskin. Image from Ecouterre



Dr Carmen Hinojosa is the creator of Piñatex and CEO of Ananas Anam. Piñatex is an alternative to leather material made by pineapple leaf fibres. It is soft, pliable and strong. It is certified as “Vegan Fashion Label” by PETA and received their Innovation Award in 2015.


Rakin boots made from Piñatex by NAE


Espadrilles made from Piñatex by Caretes


Handbag made from Piñatex by Vegemoda



I have already talked about cork in this post. But I did`nt want to leave it out of this list. You can see some examples made from Pelcor, a big portuguese company that made everything from cork, since accesories, shoes, etc.


Cork bag by Pelcor


Cork dog collar by Pelcor


Cork Apron by Pelcor



Opificiov is a vegan shoe brand made in Italy that is making shoes using non food cereals. This is something innovative. It has the Vegan Approved from PETA.


Vegan leather sandals by Opificiov


Vegan leather clutch by Opificiov


Vegan leather heels by Opificiov



Since 2004 Mleaf, a thai company, has been creating accesories made from Tong Tung Teak leaves and selling around the world their products. It is an eco friendly material with a unique and colorful result.


Teak leaves bag by Mleaf


Teak Leaves bag by Mleaf


Teak leaves bag by Mleaf


What do you think about these options? Do you know another alternatives? Please leave a comment.

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Discovering cork uses: 3 Handmade accesories brands


Bag by Herdentier

The use of cork as a substitute of leather and other materials is booming. Portugal and Spain concentrated its production worldwide. It is a versatile, durable, soft, breathable and waterproof material. Designers are making it colourfull with dyes and prints that give a unique style when creating accesories. In addition, this can be consider a material for sustainable consumption, is a part of a tree that can be extracted without causing damage to it and grows again over the years.

I would like to show you some examples of handmade small companies that prove the variety of applications that can be given in bags and accesories.

CORKOR (Handmade in Portugal)

A small Portuguese company running by Natalia and Vitor Lopes Guerreiro, located in Palmela, near Coruche, one of the largest cork producing areas worldwide. They refer to cork as a natural wonder. They handle the entire process of production of most of its products from design to craft creation. One of their goal is to create local employment, an example is their larger bags, handmade by a family in the area.


Clutch by Corkor


Messenger bag by Corkor


Wallet by Corkor


Bag by Corkor

You can watch in their Youtube channel how they make the accesories and some information about cork.


SEW DA KINE (Handmade in Hawaii)

Vegan brand with sustainable products, using cork, and handmade in a small studio in Hilo (Hawaii). Inspired by the relaxed lifestyle of the island but also suitable for an urban style, colourful and singular.


Hapai Tote by Sew Da Kine


Cork Niu Handbag by Sew Da Kine


Wahi Eke by Sew Da Kine

Here you have the video presentation for Kickstarter in wich they talk about the philosophy behind this project.


HERDENTIER (Handmade in Germany)

They are specialized in vegan handbags and backpacks, handmade in Hannover, using cork in many of them and mixed with hand painted faux leather or silver and golden colours with a futuristic appearance. I would recommend you to have a look to their Instagram pictures.


Yellow rucksack by Herdentier



Clutch by Herdentier


Golden rucksack by Herdentier


Silver rucksack by Herdentier


Have you purchased accessories made of cork ever? Would you like to?


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