5 vegan unisex sandals Summer 2017

As you know there are always less models of shoes for men than for women, in fact you have left me some comment about it, so with this entry of unisex vegan sandals I hope you all will be happy 🙂


Vegan sandals Open Strap by Vegetarian shoes


Vegan sandals The Caribbean Space by Flamingo’s Life


Vegan sandals Alec by Good Guys


Vegan sandals The Caribbean Burgundy by Flamingo’s Life


Vegan sandal Darco by NAE

I like the design of the Flamingo`s life white sandals with colors.  But if you are looking for something more natural I recommend the NAE sandals that are made with Piñatex (fiber pineapple) and cork.



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TOP 10 Vegan sneakers for next Spring


Vegan sneakers Oslo by Flamingo’s Life (Made in Spain)

March is here, spring is just around the corner and little by little is becoming real. If you need shoes for the new season you might find it in this list of vegan sneakers. Most of them are unisex, their prices vary between 50 and 150 pounds, if you click the link below the picture it will lead you to the brand’s website.

It is all about pastel and white tones, as well as the recycled or innovative materials of NAE (recycled plastic, Piñatex) or EKN. If you like to risk you will find prints like the military or floral.


Vegan sneakers basic white by NAE (Made in Portugal)


Vegan sneakers Bamboo runner by EKN (Made in Portugal)


Vegan sneaker Re-bottle by NAE (Made in Portugal)


Vegan sneakers Rome trainers by Wills London (Made in Portugal)


Vegan sneakers Argan low by EKN (Made in Portugal)


Vegan sneakers Classics Camo by Wills London (Made in Portugal)


Vegan sneakers Oslo White by Flamingo’s life (Made in Spain)


Vegan sneakers Holiday low by Veja (Made in Brazil)


Vegan sneakers Carmen by Veja (Made in Brazil)

I don’t know what to choose, do you?

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Flamingo’s Life: vegan sneakers Made in Spain

In my first post of the year I want to share a new vegan shoes brand that I just discovered: Flamingo’s Life.  They started in 2015 making sandals with recycled materials and are based in La Rioja.


Oslo Burgundy Caramel by Flamingo’s Life

They make unisex sneakers inspired by surf, skate and nature, with a natural rubber sole. They are Vegan Approved by PETA.


Oslo All White by Flamingo’s Life

Their colors are white, brugundy, green, black, grey or blue, and they came with two different pairs of laces that you can combine as you like.


Alberta Black Caramel by Flamingo’s Life

This month they have realeased a solidary campaign, when you buy an Alberta model they give another pair to Fundación Amigo NGO for socially excluded people.

If you don’t want to lose any of their special offers or limited edition you can follow them in the social media.

If you like beautiful things, you like sharing  😀