Slowers, vegan shoes made in Spain new collection


Jove shoes for men by Slowers

This is not the first time I show you Slowers vegan shoes made in Spain, but here you have the new collection for this season. They are made under de slow philosophy and using organic cotton, jute and other natural materials.


Apolo shoes for men by Slowers

The espadrilles are a clasic model but these are made in bright colors for women and for men. They are perfect for sunny days.


Medea shoes for women by Slowers


Gea shoes for women by Slowers

This time they introduce sandals made from organic cotton.


Diana sandals for women by Slowers

Without doubt my favorite model are these sandals with print inspired by nature, goes directly to my wish list.

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3 Vegan Shoe brands that will surprise you


Spring Tortora model by Cammina Leggero

Vegan or animal friendly fashion is growing. There are many shoe brands that have the vegan option but only a few exclusively vegan brands at the present. In this post you will find some of them that sell in various countries. This is XXI century, we don´t need to keep wearing leather, let´s discover other options together. Would you like to join me?

1. SLOWERS (Made in Spain)


Nube Desierto model by Slowers

Slowers is a shoe brand “Organic, vegan & bonito” for women, men and children. Made in Spain and inspired by the slow way of life. Simple design and atemporal, using materials like linen, organic cotton, cork or jute. They had a succesful campain fund in Kickstarter and you can find them in shops in Germany, Sweden and Canada, also in Spain.


Print Piña model for children by Slowers


Brown espadrilles for men by Slowers

2. NAE (Made in Portugal)


Cork Rose Pump model by NAE

I really like NAE introduction, where they explain that work with alternative materials y answering to people that is asking why to buy vegan they ask ¨Why not?¨. They are “fashion with compassion”. You can find casual shoes, sportive, hails… shoes for women, men and children.

The model KOS is made by recycled pet and tyre, ecofriendly and original.


KOS model by NAE


Re-bottle model for men by NAE

3. Cammina leggero (Made in Italy)


Sneaker Yellow Mustard model for men by Cammina Leggero

“Animal free shoes” handmade in North Italy with urban and casual style. They use recycled materials like tyre and are very aware about ecological footprint. They also have accessories like bags or belts.


Mary Wave Brown model by Cammina Leggero

What do you think about these options? Are you interested in eco and animal friendly fashion?

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