Beautiful Christmas Gifts

Christmas time is coming! I want to help you in your shopping with these beautiful and animal free presents for everybody: rucksack, guitar strap or natural cosmetics to start the new year in good mood.


Vegan bag by Dogo (Made in Turkey)


Vegan belt by NAE (Made in Portugal)



Vegan cosmetic set by Salvaje (Handmade in Spain)



Vegan camera strap by Couch (Handmade in USA)



Soothing water by Potions BCN (Handmade in Spain)



Vegan purse by Vivari (Made in Italy)



Vegan boot for woman by Beyond Skin (Made in Spain)



Vegan boots for man by Burgeois Boheme (Made in Portugal)



Vegan guitar strap by Couch (Handmade in USA)



Vegan rucksack by Dogo (Made in Turkey)

I hope you have lovely Christmas with your friends and family.

Merry Christmas!

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New collection vegan shoes Autumn-Winter by Mireia Playà, Made in Spain


Darla Loafer by Mireia Playà

I wanted to show you this brand since I found it some time ago. Mireia Playà is a vegan shoes brand designed in Barcelona and made in Alicante, an important area of shoe production in Spain. I liked also the summer collection, you still can buy some of these shoes on sales in the website. This brand has very unique shoes, some of them no for everybody but still interesting, you can find platforms, sporty soles and taupe synthetic fur.


W-Trandal Sock by Mireia Playà

In her blog Mireia explain what inspired the new collection:

“I started imagining how our lives would be on the day the Earth would start fighting against us, and how we’d adapt to a planet that suddenly has become hostile. I started imagining how we would have to dress, wearing clothes from past times and mixing them with anything that could protect us, a mixture that can also be seen in the shoes. That concept was the seed to start the design of the AW16 collection.

Elastic materials that change their color, wrinkled patent and velvet… a mix of textures and fabrics. Rubber platforms and sporty soles that keep our bodies far from the floor, pointy shoes as a defence system, elastic fabrics acting as a second skin… The collection is mostly black, a color that can also become bordeaux and grey, complemented by taupe that shows the need to camouflage, and with a soft pink that reflects the hope that humans are going to change before this becomes reality. “

I find pretty interesting to know how started the creative process and is a good way to understand better her job. I am going to show you a part of it, I hope you enjoy it!


W-Trandal Slip by Mireia Playà


Darla Cowboy by Mireia Playà


W-Trandal Block by Mireia Playà


W-Trandal Ballerina by Mireia Playà


W Okobo Bootie by Mireia Playà

What de you think about it? Would you try the platforms? I really like the cowboy boots.

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Vegan boots for this Autumn

Autumn is already here, say welcome with this selection of vegan boots for different styles.

Green Shoes is an english company that makes handmade shoes from Devon. Their shoes are made to be worn for many years, truly sustainable long lasting fashion. They have a shoe resole and repair service, an economical and ecofriendly way to use your shoes for longer. They have vegan option for most of their models. These are the boots that I like more but they have so many!



Women Dartmoor boots by Green Shoes


Women Iris Boots by Green Shoes


Women Belston boots by Green Shoes


Men Walking boots by Green Shoes


Men Belstone boots by Green Shoes


Men Dartmoor boots by Green Shoes


El Naturalista is a spanish brand with a small part of its production made for vegan, in wich they use a material called Delta and rubber soles, reycled most of times, their shapes are thinked to be comfortable. Their factories are in Spain and Morocco.


Men/Women El Viajero vegan boots by El Naturalista


Women Yggdrasil vegan boots by El Naturalista


Women Nido vegan boots by El Naturalista


If you are looking for something smart but still vegan Wills London may be a good option to explore. This english brand is making the production in Portugal and has been Vegan Approved by PETA. I really like the last one!


Men Fold Over Work vegan boots by Wills London


Men Walking vegan boots by Wills London


Men Sport Desert vegan boots by Wills London


Women Aviator 2S vegan boots by Wills London



Women Anckle Dock vegan boots by Wills London


Women Heeled Buckle vegan boots by Wills London


Are you looking for new boots? Wich one is your favourite?

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